Surprising, inviting, rich, tasty: each of them is an authentic Sicilian temptation. Four historical dominations of our island to enjoy four types of menus, all with Sicily inside.

Liquori Siciliani

The smells, the colors, the collection of genuine raw materials and their processing: every sip sings the passion for the Sicilian territory.

On the slopes of Mount Etna, surrounded by green woods, furrowed by historical black castings, in a phantasmagoric game of colors and fantastic natural scenery, “Siciliatentations” is born that aims, through its wide range of products, to pass on the traditions of the past, of a past strongly linked to the land and the sea.

Our “raw materials”, expertly selected, handcrafted, bring with them authenticity, perfumes and sensory properties typical of a land kissed by the sun and the sea.