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Panettoni Mini

Con Frutti di Bosco, Cioccolato all’Arancia, o con Canditi e Uvetta. I nostri panettoni sono piccoli tesori di pasticceria che allietano il palato nel periodo più magico dell’anno.

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Liquori Siciliani

The smells, the colors, the collection of authentic raw materials and their processing:

each sip sings the passion for the Sicilian territory.

On the slopes of Etna, surrounded by green woods, furrowed by historic black flows, in a phantasmagoric play of colors and fantastic natural scenery, “Siciliatentazioni” is born which aims, through its wide range of products, to pass on traditions of the past, of a past strongly linked to the land and the sea.
Our “raw materials”, wisely selected, handcrafted, bring with them genuineness, aromas and organoleptic properties typical of a land kissed by the sun and the sea.