Hazelnut spread

Hazelnut spread

Hazelnut spread.
The CORYLUS AVELLANA, namely the hazel, is very present in AVELLA, italian town in the province of Avellino, in Campania. Famous is the variety ÒRound GentleÓ of the Piemonte which is recognized as the best of the world for its taste and nutritional qualities. The oleic acid contained in the hazelnuts allows to maintain a low level of cholesterol in the blood. ThatÕs why it would be suggested to use good doses of this product. We offer you the hazelnuts in an exquisite and very delicate creme all to be discovered and enjoyed in your relax moments.
Ingredients:nut 40%, sugar, oils and non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (oil: sunflower
Packaging: g.

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